A Green Station

Cornerstone Technologies Limited (CST) is a market-leader in environmental development, principally engaged in renewable energy technology and electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions provider business. Our professional team of consultants and engineering specialists is dedicated to the R&D of environmental technology, injecting new energy-saving and carbon-reduction technologies into the market, with a wide range of applications.

Our Products

EV Charger

Cornerstone EV Chargers bring you a whole new advanced experience in an ultra-slim, sightlines and durable design!

Solar PV System

HKSAR Government announced that CLP and HKE will introduce "on-grid tariffs" to purchase renewable energy power from the private sector at $3 to $5 per kWh.

Reverse Vending Machine

It is a remarkable breakthrough of redemption machine introduced by the HKSAR Government in 2019.