Cutting-edge design and technology

Replacement: Our ALOFT overhead charger is an optimum choice for free-standing parking bay. Artfully design perfectly compatible to every type of electric vehicle in Hong Kong (Fits all Evs!), certified with IEC compliance. Our innovative solutions for sustainability fits market needs.

Overhead EV Charger ALOFT

Perfect solution for “No Wall” / “Island” standalone Parking lots

No wall-space? No problem! For parking lots without a dedicated wall space, our subtle ALOFT design is an optimum option for standalone parking bays. ALOFT is an eminent ceiling-mount EV charger, which provides a steadfast, reliable and conducive EV Hong Kong charger solution. ALOFT is a super slim overhead charger with 285mm thickness that features a headroom-saving and heavy-duty hanging design for safety. CST has further invented a user-friending mobile app to remote lower and retract cable.

Advanced Features for all-round deployment:

  • First local non-reel type ceiling-mount EV Charger

  • Ultra-slim body design

  • Headroom-saving subtle design for 100% installation in carpark lots without colomn

  • Integrated into any typical cable trunking systems

  • Remote control via mobile app

  • Multi cable lock-up resistance control mechanisms against cable pulling

  • Non-reel type cable retractable design extends cable life and enhances communication stability

  • Connector automatically lowers, extends, retracts, lock-up, and calibrates it's positon

  • OCPP ver.1.6 interoperable communication protocol

Load Balancing

Remote Activation

Ultra-Slim Form Factor

User Authentication

Billing / Operation Function

Cable Management

A Key Player in EV Charging Industry