Kiosk – Speed Payments

“Pay-As-You-Grow” IoT solution makes EV charging Networks Smarter
CSTev uses the Internet of Things to simplify the task of setting up an extremely powerful and convenient charging station
  • Multi-contactless payment gateways

  • Compatible with the most up-to-date e-Payment systems

  • Device control via mobile app

  • Cloud-based centralized management system(CMS) server

  • Web-based remote monitoring and operation management

  • Real-time communication among drivers and station owners

  • Fully customizable to meet your operation needs

Compatible with the most up-to-date e-Payment systems
  • Mobile NFC

  • QR code

  • Octopus

  • Visa payWave

  • Master payPass

  • Mobile App

  • Cloud-based server

CSTev serves with perfect solutions and reliable products. We develop EV charging facilities for developers, landlords, PMOs’, and IOs’. We are committed to delivering premium-quality EV charging solutions, while providing excellent service and support for our customers, ensure efficient fill-ups and user-friendly operations.
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