Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

From Waste to Wealth
This “Small Giant” is the most compact and effective solution in the market. It is a remarkable breakthrough of redemption machine introduced by the HKSAR Government in 2019. It has the functionality to collect returnable PET bottles and aluminium cans for compression and recycling. There will be an instant cash and e-vouchers rebate for returnable beverage containers. RVM consists of a real-time database server mainly for supervision on public engagement and containers collection. Currently, there are 10 operation sites in Hong Kong:
SF Centre
Community College of City University of Hong Kong
East Point City
Hong Lam Court
Kwun Tong Garden Estate
Millennium City 2
Taikoo Shing
Tai Po Mega Mall
Tai Po Sports Association Li Fook Lam Indoor Sports Centre
Uptown Plaza

Awareness of the issues associated with plastic waste are at an all-time high. A fall in plastic demand, driven by consumer behaviour changes and regulatory bans, will set to disrupt the entire petrochemical value chain. This RVM CST X2 COMBI has a 360o scanning that receives, detects, sorts, processes and stores multiple types of beverage containers, which can be adapted to our customer’s specific needs.

Specification of RVM:

  • Combi for PET bottles and Aluminium cans

  • Modern design with high service availability

  • Separate storage for compacted PET bottles and aluminium cans in the cabinet 800 cans and 400 PET bottles

  • Identification – scanner for bar code reading, shape recognition

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