Solar PV System

HKSAR Government announced that CLP and HKE will introduce “on-grid tariffs” to purchase renewable energy power from the private sector at $3 to $5 per kWh. Solar panels provided by CSTre is meeting the highest international standards IEC61215 and IEC61730 with strict quality control.

FiT Rates

FiT Rate (Per unit of electricity)

  • System Capacity : ≤ 10kW

FiT Rate (Per unit of electricity)

  • System Capacity : > 10kW - ≤200kW

FiT Rate (Per unit of electricity)

  • System Capacity : > 200kW - ≤1MW

Effective from 1 Oct 2018

Types of 310W Solar PV Products

Roof-mounted solar power system

PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and microcrack resistant with accredited grid connect installers. The entire module is certified to withstand extreme wind (2400Pa), sorted and packaged by amperage, reducing mismatch losses and maximizing system output.

Solar Carport

Solar carports provide shade and shelter for vehicles while converting energy from the Sun. CSTre provides solar panels with high-end quality that install worldwide, most popular in Taiwan and Bulgaria.

Solar PV Pavement

Pathway is ammonia and salt mist corrosion resistant, with advanced surface treatment, lower surface reflection and 5BB cell design that can reduce the series resistance and improve the module efficiency. Solar pathway provide by CSTre is also certified to withstand dynamic mechanical load 1000 Pascal.

Solar PV System - Service Plan

Cornerstone Renewable Energy Limited (CSTRE), a professional renewable energy engineering company, put focus on sustainable energy technology projects. Our solid relationship with electricity generation companies provide us a ground for clients to obtain 15-year return guarantee period with $0 project investment cost.

Zero-investment Portfolio

15 Years

  • Return Guarantee Reriod


  • Project Investment Cost


  • Annual Electricity Income

Engineering Package (Village House Project)

Period from FIT income:

  • 15 years

Power generation rate:

  • 6-10kW

Payback period:

  • 4-5 years

Planning to install solar panels? Get quotes from us! CSTre is a leading engineering and construction company that serves clients with perfect solutions and reliable products. We provide solar PV system for villages, farmlands, schools and warehouses. To make an enquiry or find out more lower cost solution and promotional service packages*, get in touch with our specialists today at +852 3702 6380 or via email

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