Cutting-edge design and technology

SLATE 2 is perfectly compatible to every type of electric vehicle in Hong Kong (Fits all EVs!), certified with IEC 61851-1/22 compliance. Our innovative solutions for sustainability fits market needs.

Wall-mounted EV Charger SLATE 2

Solution for Multi-storey Carparks – valuable space-saving industrial designs

SLATE 2 offer users with a diverse contactless multi-payment options including NFC card, Visa payWave, MasterCard PayPass, and Octopus Card. A build-in camera is also stored in SLATE 2 for QR code authentication.

Advanced Features for all-round deployment:

  • Ultra-slim body design

  • Space-saving side-mount socket outlet design

  • Concealed cabling

  • 1.5mm stainless steel monocoque

  • 7-inch LCD touch-screen display

  • Build-in camera for QR code Authentication and upgrades

  • Multi-contactless e-payment options

  • IP55 rating

  • OCPP ver. 1.6J EV charging interoperable communication protocol standard

CSTev serves with perfect solutions and reliable products. We develop EV charging facilities for developers, landlords, PMOs’, and IOs’. We are committed to delivering premium-quality EV charging solutions, while providing excellent service and support for our customers, ensure efficient fill-ups and user-friendly operations.
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